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Ask The Expert

Not all skin types are the same, why not get a skin analysis from our Skincare Professional consultants. They will give you advice on skincare custom made to suit your skin type.

Application Techniques In Their Right Order2022-06-03T18:03:29+00:00

a. Cleanse
b. Scrub
c. Toner
d. Mask
e. Serum
f. Eye Cream
g. Day Moisturizer / Night Moisturizer

Aftercare Advice2022-06-03T18:02:17+00:00

We will check up with you every 3months to see how you are getting with your new skincare regime. However, if you have any concerns or worries before your next appointment our skincare experts are available to assist and support our clients.

Personalizing Your Skincare Routine2022-06-03T18:01:06+00:00

We will help you find products that work for your skin because this is essential in achieving your desired goals. During your consultation you will receive skincare tutorials which focus on how to apply the products, order of application and skincare routine for morning and evening.

Knowing Your Skincare Needs2022-06-03T17:59:45+00:00

During your consultation we will help you discover your skin type, address your skin concerns and advise you on achieving your desired goals.

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Client Reviews

I am using the Hydrating Shea Butter I feel in love with this product the moment I tried it out. It is very hydrating it is for all skin types, my skin type is very dry and this product gave me a lovely glow and now feels hydrated. I would recommend this product to both male or female.

Joanna Williams, London


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