Our Charity Work (Arianna Ruvimbo Holban Foundation)

Our philosophy, “teach them to fish, don’t give them fish”. Arianna Ruvimbo Holban Natural Skincare is a gift to our daughter. We do believe the best gift you can give a child is education. Over the years we have sponsored children in Africa through paying for their education. As we grow our brand we also want to help children in Africa who are in disadvantaged communities have now committed to donating 1% of every order to children in need (Africa) through sponsoring a child. There are children in Africa who are not receiving education because their families do not have money to send them to school. Some of these children are orphans and are now in the hands of grandparents who are too old to work.

On average it costs £35 per school term in most disadvantaged communities. Why not shop and donate giving one child a better future.


Purchase your favorite products.


For every order we donate 1%.


We partner with local charities in Africa.


The money will help educate children in the most disadvantaged families in Africa.

Arianna Ruvimbo Holban Foundation

1% of all sales go to helping families in Africa directly.